BÊDER (Prelude of a Corpse)

The man removes the door of a demolished house in a previously burnt village and shoulders it, setting out for his home without walls. He carries the door on his back and sets off on a journey to his future.

The cold, fog and haze of a never-ending winter permeate every inch of the place, covered with white snow as far as the eye can reach. The feeling of being trapped in an endless war penetrates into and spreads through the place. In this journey that he takes in an atmosphere of numbness where everything is frozen, he encounters women who boil water in cauldrons. He searches for his mother among them, feels like he catches a glimpse of her, but the image disappears like a ghost. He continues to wander, and finally finds the frozen dead body of his mother. He buries her in snow and sends her off to the endless journey of her life cycle.

This is the story of holding on to life despite the ravages caused by being displaced among humans in a world where privacy is wiped out.

Short film

Book & Direction: Arin İnan Arslan

Production:  Arin İnan Arslan / Zülfiye Akkulak

Status: finished 2020